Where else can I study bioinformatics?
July 30th, 2015 -

There are a number of excellent undergraduate and post-graduate programs in bioinformatics all over the world, and more are becoming available all the time. If you want to do an undergraduate degree in bioinformatics or just take some bioinformatics courses, please see: Many other undergraduate options exist, and you should research available programs carefully. There are many available opportunities to study life sciences, computing science or statistics at the undergraduate level, take courses in bioinformatics during progress towards an undergraduate degree, and then specialize in bioinformatics at the post-graduate level.

If you have an undergraduate degree and want to get a certificate or diploma in bioinformatics that will get you into the workforce quickly, there is a Canadian program you could investigate. Seneca College in Ontario, Canada offers a one-year diploma program that is designed to teach computer science material to students who are already qualified in the life sciences area. Further information can be found at

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