Tell me about the financial arrangements.
July 1st, 2015 -

Briefly, all of our students receive a stipend. It is not expected that students “pay their own way”. There are no required duties such as becoming a teaching assistant (TA), though TA-ships may be available.

From the stipend, the student is required to pay tuition and any other university fees. Some departments or supervisors can provide partial tuition awards and entrance awards.

For MSC students, a stipend of no less than CDN$24,300 per year is paid. Stipends for PhD students are to be a minimum of $27,900. The exact stipend level is subject to negotiation with your supervisor, who is ultimately responsible for the costs of your stipend.

Students who obtain their own scholarship (either NSERC-CREATE or from an outside source such as CIHR) are to receive a top-up to their stipend of up to $5000 per year or 25% the value of the scholarship, whichever is less.

Students who are awarded NSERC-CREATE scholarships will be paid a one year stipend to fund their research studies and a yearly travel allowance of $500.

At UBC, the maximum amount of funds a student can receive is $50K from any source, as recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. All awards and scholarships above this amount must be declined by the student.

We cannot advise you on matters such as eligibility for Canadian student loans, your income tax situation, etc., but recommend strongly that you investigate your situation before making a decision to apply. You should definitely check the latest fee structure that’s posted on the Websites of our affiliated universities.

There is additional fine print; please consult us if you require more details. Furthermore this information may change without warning, so get the best information during your decision-making process. “Additional fees” are often mandatory and include programs such as athletics, health coverage and student union fees.

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