Should I find a supervisor first, before I apply?
July 30th, 2015 -

It is in your best interests to first find a supervisor who is willing to fund your graduate studies, before you apply to one of the Universities. You may apply on-line without securing a supervisor, and we will circulate your application to interested faculty. However, just because you submit an on-line application to either UBC (Bioinformatics) or SFU (MBB or SFU), does not guarantee that a supervisor will be found for you. It would be most beneficial to contact potential supervisors and make them aware that you are interested in entering their lab for graduate studies. The program will make every attempt to match you with a potential supervisor, but it is ultimately your responsibility to find someone.

Before you even consider applying to the program, you require a 76% average, or B+ (based on your last two years of full time study).

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