Simon Fraser University


Simon Fraser University is located atop Burnaby Mountain in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, approximately 5 km from the edge of the city of Vancouver. Ranked by respected national surveys as one of Canada’s top three comprehensive universities for almost 20 years, Simon Fraser University is named after a famous explorer and known for its pioneering spirit. Spanning many disciplines in eight faculties, SFU offers more than 100 undergraduate major and joint major programs and more than 45 graduate offerings. Mentored by faculty acclaimed for their research and teaching abilities and coached by dedicated advisers and employers, SFU’s 100,000 graduates enjoy limitless career opportunities.

Admission Overview

Most students will apply only after identifying a faculty sponsor at SFU, in whose lab they will conduct their thesis research. However, students may also apply to SFU directly upon which their application will be made available to bioinformatics faculty who are seeking students. At SFU, students are accepted through Molecular Biology and Biochemistry program or the School of Computing Science; see also SFU Bioinformatics or the SFU Program Director for more information. It is advised that prospective students seek out a potential faculty member prior to their application.

A detailed description of application procedures and deadlines is here. For more information on the admissions process please see the FAQ.

Funding opportunities (SFU)

SFU awards

MSc and PhD students are encouraged to apply to external scholarship competitions from national agencies such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. Please refer to the individual granting agency websites for competition details and deadlines.