Frederic Pio

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry


CancerApoptosisProteomicsProtein complexesComputer modeling

Our laboratory is focused towards the three dimensional structural characterization of new protein-protein and protein-DNA interaction complexes involved in cancer and apoptosis. Our goal is to identify the critical interactions that modulate affinity and specificity between the different domains. To perform such studies we are using multidisciplinary approaches. They include:

  • New protein complex identification using genomic databases, bioinformatics, gene “hunting”, computer modeling, and protein-protein interaction assays.
  • Minimal interaction domain definition necessary for complex formation using Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry and Binding Studies.
  • Purification of the minimal domain and Reconstitution in vitro of the complex using Protein expression and Purification. Structural characterization of such complexes using biophysics and macromolecular x-ray crystallography.