Denise Daley

Genetic Epidemiology


As part of her research studying why some children get asthma and others do not, Dr. Daley is studying the genetic susceptibility to asthma and other allergic conditions and the complex epigenetic mechanisms that may be involved. She is working to determine what contribution gender, genes, and environment make to the development of asthma and how the epigenome responds to environmental exposures such as tobacco smoke.

Further study of the interaction between genetic and environmental factors will create better understanding of some children develop asthma and others do not, identifying modifiable environmental risk factors which can lead to better treatments for these life-long conditions. To accomplish these goals Dr. Daley is leading an international team of researchers from across North America and the Netherlands, in a collaborative effort to understand the genetic and environmental determinants of asthma.

Dr. Daley is also working on projects to identify genetic and environmental risk factors for colorectal cancer, hypertension, healthy aging, lymphoma, and aortic stenosis.