Ben Koop



My interests lie in the fields of Molecular Biology, Genetics and Evolution. My research attempts to look at broad molecular evolutionary problems using a very highly multidisciplinary approach. I currently have three major interest areas.

1. Salmon Genome Project and Genes of the Immune System
This project focusses on:

  • Genetic mechanisms of rediploidization in salmonids
  • Large scale DNA sequencing technologies
  • T cell receptors and other genes of the immune system
  • Transcriptomics and Bioinformatics
  • Diseases, particularly Sealice/Salmon genomic interactions

2. Molecular Evolution
Using multi gene families and a variety of species to examine molecular mechanisms, population dynamics (refugia, migrations…)

  • Genetic mechanisms of Molecular Evolution (Gene Conversion, Duplication, Deletion, Mutation etc). Currently we are targeting immune system genes of fishes.
  • Population dynamics (migration and refugia) along the islands and coast of British Columbia.

3. Biological Informatics
Sequence comparisons, multiple alignments, phylogeny, pattern identification and gene finding algorithms are being examined.