Jenny Bryan


GenomicsData analysisStatistical computing

I am an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, with a joint appointment in the Department of Statistics and the Michael Smith Laboratories. In the last couple years, I have entered the exciting field of genomics and gene expression. In my thesis research, I worked on developing a statistical framework for gene expression analysis with microarray data. The emphasis is on the definition of actual parameters of interest, such as a subset of genes that exhibit a particularly intriguing expression profile, and the estimation of those parameters from observed data. Another parameter of interest might be the clustering structure or cluster labels of genes. We provide measures of confidence for various features of the estimated subset/clusters and directly address the problem of very large p (number of variables = genes) vs. rather small n (sample size). Before I started thinking about gene expression, I was beginning to work in causal inference; in particular, making causal inferences in longitudinal studies in the presence of complicating factors such as informative missingness and censoring and treatment assignments that are confounded by prognostic variables.